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Lets explore our latest & greatest collection of all types of plastic exhaust fan. We have all the solution of air extractors from your washroom, kitchen & other places. We have designed our exhaust fan for maximum performance by using lowest energy. Highest grade of plastic is used, which makes our exhaust fans long lasting. You can extractor smell, odours & humidity from living, bedrooms, kitchen & washroom with our wide range of products. You will find our product with highest quality with best exhaust fan price in Pakistan.

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Wall Exhaust Fan 10″

Rico Wall Exhaust Fan 10″

Plastic Exhaust Fans are most important part of your living room, kitchen & washrooms. With the power of high speed & energy efficient motor, they exhaust smoke, dust & odour noiselessly. 6 multi axial blades & aerodynamic stylish grill are made for to keeps your shops, office, store & other workplace healthy & fresh. 2 way drive system lets you to ventilate or bring in the fresh air. Our Plastic Exhaust Fans are available in 8″, 10″ & 12″ sizes.